Lavernell Lights: 2009 Setup Log

Work Performed
Bulb Count
11/13/2009Wrapped 16 Tree Trunks in Red and Green1600
11/14/2009C9's on the Roof and Icicles2500
11/15/2009Installed PVC Arches Over Driveway0
11/20/2009Driveway Arches, Candy Canes, Garland, Small Trees, Placed all controllers except one on the roof
which is still being built, Started building new leaping arches.
11/21/2009Finished building first leaping arch0
11/25/2009MegaTree, Small Candy Canes1400
11/29/2009New Leaping Arches hooked up1600
 Total  13100

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